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Post Apocalypse

We survived The End of the World. Time for the post-apocalyptic clean up. See you for New Year’s Eve!

EMRL ca. 1939

My friend Bill sent over a picture of our neighborhood from 1939. You can clearly see the old facade of our building in this photo,…

The Building In Which We Work

We work in a cool building, and some time ago my friend (and local historian) William Burg dug up this interesting information on it. I…


The sky over EMRL is particularly beautiful this morning.

Living in Scientific Comfort

Tonight, I'm working late and doing some research on a new campaign for a client. Three words are driving the ideas so far - movement,…

The Hunter

Living downtown means the stars are not really part of my everyday life – even a city the size of Sacramento manages to create enough…

Friday Field Trip

I’ve been a little stumped working on the brand identity for a recent client of ours; the logo/signature mark and palette stuff is done but…

Grab Your Magic Lamp

One of the locals came into our shop early the other morning, and dropped off a mysterious envelope and earnestly asked me to give it…

A Quiet Milestone

I just realized, we opened our shop in April. 10 years ago. Wow.