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Oh, Irony

Apparently the Sacramento Business Journal included us on some kind of top 10 list of advertising agencies. That’s awesome! We can’t actually read it though,…

Cogito Ergo Sumthing or Other

René Descartes‎ walks into a bar. The bartender asks him if he’d like a drink. He answers, “I think not”. And then he disappears. Sorry,…

Expectation & Longing

That was a long drive back from Texas. I’m ready to get back to work.

Dive-ing In

La Loma Motel • Santa Rosa, NM Village Motor Inn • Austin, TX Austin Motel • Austin, TX Sands Motel • Van Horn, TX Tropics…

Route 66

Checked into an interesting place along Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. The El Trovatore. The check in process was something awesome: the owner of the…

Austin TX, via Everywhere Else

Leaving tomorrow to drive to Austin, Texas to do industry research for a new client. And also stop at weird thrift stores along the way.…

Very Fancy!

I saw this on my walk home from work yesterday, and was impressed with its use of color! Nice advertising – Very fancy!

A Post About What I Got In the Post

I received a package today at the shop. At first glance there was nothing special about it at all, just your average USPS priority mail…

Post Apocalypse

We survived The End of the World. Time for the post-apocalyptic clean up. See you for New Year’s Eve!