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Anamorphic 35

Lovely new images from an anamorphic format commercial we’re shooting for West Sacramento ballot Measure R. It was either this script featuring blue food for…


Note that shipping is an extra charge (WTF!?!?!)

A New Year

Happy new year! We had a small new year’s eve party here, and I took more Polaroids!

Polaroids are the Best

I got a neat Kiev 88 medium format format camera, with a Polaroid back, so I’ve been forcing all my friends to let me take…

J Street

Pictures from a walk down J street.


The tofu joint around the corner just got new chopsticks, with really swell packaging.

New Film From the Lab!

Freshly processed images from our upcoming public service announcement for AT Network.  

On the Set

Pictures from the set of AT Network’s public service announcement shoot.

Pretty Pictures

Some pictures from a shoot last weekend.  

Smoking is Joyous

Somehow I thought it might be difficult to slip this one by :( Our Smoking Girl Gets Censored; from an email received by SuperArtMedia: I…